Illuminated Buttons

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As kits become available, I will reply to each email request on a first-come-first-served basis. You will only receive an e-mail reply with ordering details when I am ready to fill your particular order. These button sets are cast one at a time, by hand, so there will be a delay between the time you email me and the time you get a reply.

Buttons LEDs flash when buttons are pressed.

This is due to the microcontroller processing the button LEDs, also takes care of button events, which are more important in the code.

Dimmer fix capacitor now included

If you have already purchased a kit and would like a cap, email me and I'll mail one out.

Button LED Kit

What you get

Price $45 + $3.50 S&H in US

Knob LED Kit

What you get

Price $20 + $3.50 S&H in US

Buttons and Knobs Only

Price $25 + $3.50 S&H in US

Kits | Pics | LED Howto | Knob Howto

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